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MS-203T00-A | Microsoft 365 Messaging

MS-203T00-A | Microsoft 365 Messaging


This course examines the key elements of Microsoft 365 messaging administration, including message transport and mail flow, messaging security, hygiene, and compliance, messaging infrastructure, and hybrid messaging. This course is designed for persons who are aspiring to be Messaging Administrators in a Microsoft 365 deployment.


Audience profile

The Messaging Administrator plans, deploys, configures, troubleshoots, and secures the messaging infrastructure in a hybrid and cloud enterprise environment. Responsibilities include managing recipients, mailboxes, transport, mail flow, administrative roles, threat protection, compliance, migrations, and client connectivity. To implement a secure hybrid topology that meets the business needs of a modern organization, the Messaging Administrator must collaborate with other workload administrators and the Microsoft 365 enterprise administrator. The Messaging Administrator should have a working knowledge of authentication types, licensing, and integration with Microsoft 365 applications. 



This course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator role.



Module 1: MS-203 Plan and manage mail flow in Microsoft 365

Examines how to manage mail flow components in Exchange Online, Exchange Server, and Exchange hybrid deployments, and explores how to troubleshoot mail flow and manage mail flow rules.

  • Manage mail flow
  • Troubleshoot mail flow
  • Manage mail flow rules

Module 2: MS-203 Manage message security in Microsoft 365

Explores Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) features and functionality, including the use of anti-malware and anti-spam policies, and Microsoft 365 Defender features that extend messaging protection against advanced threats.

  • Plan for message security
  • Manage anti-malware and anti-spam policies
  • Explore threat protection in Microsoft 365 Defender

Module 3: MS-203 Manage compliance in Microsoft 365

Examines the compliance features in Microsoft 365, Exchange Server, and Exchange Online, along with the eDiscovery features in Exchange that help organizations perform discovery searches for relevant content within mailboxes.

  • Explore messaging compliance in Microsoft 365
  • Explore messaging compliance in Exchange
  • Manage Exchange Online archiving and auditing
  • Manage Content Search

Module 4: MS-203 Manage your Microsoft 365 messaging environment

Examines how to manage your messaging environment in Microsoft 365, including authentication for messaging, configuring organizational settings, and configuring organizational settings.

  • Manage authentication for messaging
  • Configure organizational settings
  • Configure organizational sharing

Module 5: MS-203 Manage role-based permissions in Microsoft 365

Examines how messaging administrators manage role-based permissions, and how they must plan and configure permissions carefully so as not to put their messaging environment or their entire Active Directory at risk.

  • Manage administrator roles
  • Manage user roles
  • Analyze role-based permissions

Module 6: MS-203 Manage recipient objects and resources in Microsoft 365

Examines some of the most common tasks that messaging administrators perform, such as creating and configuring email recipients, including mailboxes, groups, and resources, as well as managing permissions for recipients.

  • Explore the different types of Exchange recipients
  • Create and manage Exchange recipients
  • Manage email addresses, lists, and resources

Module 7: MS-203 Manage Exchange hybrid settings and migrations

Examines how to plan, implement, and troubleshoot a hybrid Exchange deployment, including implementing the Hybrid Configuration Wizard and Examines how to plan for mailbox migrations to Exchange Online.

  • Explore Exchange hybrid deployment requirements
  • Plan and configure a hybrid deployment using the Hybrid Configuration Wizard
  • Plan mailbox migrations
  • Run mailbox migrations
  • Troubleshoot hybrid deployments


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MS-203T00-A | Microsoft 365 Messaging