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DEVOPS PHOEX | DevOps Phoenix

DEVOPS PHOEX | DevOps Phoenix


DevOps Fundamentals 3.0 is for every IT organization undergoing transformation to be up-to-date with the latest practices in DevOps and ensure a strong footing for a successful transformation. It is to prepare organizations for the DevOps mindset, which includes people, processes, and culture. It aligns the vocabulary and the concepts of DevOps among all the employees. It emphasizes the cultural aspects, keeping in mind that technology is only one part of the transformation framework.

The DASA DevOps Fundamentals 3.0 program enables organizations, teams, and individuals to build their capabilities in DevOps. This 2-day program provides a comprehensive introduction to the Agile DevOps principles and approach defined by DASA. DevOps Fundamentals 3.0 encompasses the latest thinking and best practices in DevOps transformation, including current technology trends and successful case studies. It is a capability-building block for organizations looking to transform themselves, preparing them for the DevOps mindset, which encompasses people, processes, and culture. 

This program covers the foundational skills and knowledge required for a DevOps transformation journey, starting from the basics of DevOps, origin, and evolution to the current best practices in management, processes, and technology. The program aligns the vocabulary and concepts of DevOps across all employees and emphasizes the cultural aspects, recognizing that technology is just one part of the transformation journey. 

The program includes group exercises, discussions, practice questions, and mock exams to ensure a thorough awareness of the fundamental concepts in DevOps and preparation for the DASA DevOps Fundamentals certification exam.


About the “The Phoenix project” Simulation game

The simulation game is based upon ‘The Phoenix Project’ Book. Parts Unlimited is in  trouble. Newspaper reports reveal the poor financial performance of the organization. The only way forward to not only save the company but to make it competitive and profitable is “The Phoenix Project” which represents an IT enabled business transformation, with Retail Operations as the business owner of this project. The VP of IT Operations is asked to take the lead of the IT department and ensure that “The Phoenix Project” will be a success. But the VP of IT Operations is facing a tremendous amount of work. A huge backlogs of issues, features and projects.

Your team will act in different roles within the Parts Unlimited organization. You can be Retail Operations, Human Resources or Finance – playing the Business roles of the company. Or you can be the VP of IT Operations or other members from his IT Team that needs to develop the applications and solve the IT Issues.Your challenge is to use the DevOps principles and apply them in this serious Business Simulation. In three rounds you will work on the IT projects and IT issues and ensure that “The Phoenix Project” will be finished on time. But, beware, the business keeps coming with new ideas and demands and external developments outside your control can also throw a spanner in the works.



The simulation will be customized towards your own specific needs and learning objectives. But in general these are the main objectives:

  • How to apply DevOps principles in a real life situation?
  • How to find the right balance between delivering your SLA requirements and your IT projects according to plan?
  • How to experience how DevOps can bring serious value to your business?
  • How to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your IT Department?
  • How to create better flow in your teams?
  • How to develop people’s skills to act in a DevOps environment?
  • How to show business their responsibilities in making IT Projects more successful?


Course Outline

Day 1

  • Module 1: Introducing DASA DevOps Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Building the DevOps Context
  • Module 3: Culture
  • Module 4: Automation
  • Module 5: Lean

Day 2

  • Module 6: Measurement
  • Module 7: Sharing
  • Module 8: DASA Guidance
  • Module 9: Exam Preparation Guide
  • Mock Exam

Day 3

  • The Phoenix Project – DevOps


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DEVOPS PHOEX | DevOps Phoenix

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