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C)IHE | Certified Incident Handling Engineer

C)IHE | Certified Incident Handling Engineer


The Certified Incident Handling Engineer course, C)IHE, is designed to help Incident Handlers, System Administrators, and Security Engineers understand how to plan, create and utilize their systems. Prevent, detect and respond to attacks through the use of hands-on labs in our exclusive Cyber Range. With this in-depth training, you will learn to develop start to finish processes for establishing your Incident Handling team, strategizing for each type of attack, recovering from attacks and much more.


Certification Exam

If you believe that you have the knowledge required to pass the certification exam you may purchase the Exam Combo.  This will give you access to the online exam, an exam prep guide, and unlimited practice exams.

After you purchase the exam combo the materials will be made available for 12 months in your account.  If you do not already have a account, one will be established at the time of your purchase.


Who Should Attend

  • Penetration Testers
  • Microsoft Administrator
  • Security Administrators
  • Active Directory Administrators
  • Anyone looking to learn more about security



  • Module 1 – Incident Handling Explained
  • Module 2 – Incident Response Policy, Plan and Procedure Creation
  • Module 3 – Incident Response Team Structure
  • Module 4 – Incident Response Team Services
  • Module 5 – Incident Response Recommendations
  • Module 6 – Preparation
  • Module 7 –  Detection and Analysis
  • Module 8 – Contaminen, Eradication and Recovery
  • Module 9 – GRR Rapid Response
  • Module 10 – Request Tracker for Incident Response
  • Module 11 Post Incident Activity
  • Module 12 – Incident Handling Checklist
  • Module 13 – Incident Handling Recommendations
  • Module 14 – Coordination and Information Sharing



  • Lab 1 – Identifying Incident Triggers
  • Lab 2 – Drafting Incident Response Procedures
  • Lab 3 – Identifying and Planning for Your Dependencies
  • Lab 4 – Testing Your Plan and Using a Feedback Loop to Future Proof Your Response
  • Lab 5 – Acceptable Use Policy
  • Lab 6 – Practicing Different Attack Vectors
  • Lab 7–  Deploy GPR Client and Gather Evidence
  • Lab 8 – Creating Request Tracker Workflow
  • Lab 9 – GRR Rapid Response
  • Lab 10 – Creating and Incident Handling Checklist
  • Lab 11 – Drafting Incident Response Recommendations for Improvements
  • Lab 12 – Sharing Agreements and Reporting Requirements


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C)IHE | Certified Incident Handling Engineer

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