AZ-400-1 | Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Associated exam: AZ-400-1: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions


This bundle is integrated by the following courses:

  • AZ-400T01 Implement DevOps development processes
  • AZ-400T02 Implement continuous integration
  • AZ-400T03 Implement continuous delivery
  • AZ-400T04 Implement dependency management



Fundamental knowledge about Azure, version control, Agile software development, and core software development principles. It would be helpful to have experience in an organization that delivers software.


Audience profile

Students in this course are interested in implementing DevOps processes or in passing the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam.




AZ-400T01-A: Implementing DevOps Development Processes

  • Module 1: Getting started with Source Control
  • Module 2: Scaling git for enterprise DevOps
  • Module 3: Implement & Manage Build Infrastructure
  • Module 4: Managing application config & secrets
  • Module 5: Implement a mobile DevOps strategy


AZ-400T02-A: Implementing Continuous Integration

  • Module 1: Implementing Continuous Integration in an Azure DevOps Pipeline
  • Module 2: Managing Code Quality and Security Policies
  • Module 3: Implementing a Container Build Strategy


AZ-400T03-A: Implementing Continuous DeliveryModule 1: Design a Release Strategy

Module 1: Design a Release Strategy

Module 2: Set up a Release Management Workflow

Module 3: Implement an appropriate deployment pattern


AZ-400T04-A: Implementing Dependency Management

Module 1: Designing a Dependency Management Strategy

Module 2: Manage security and compliance

AZ-400-1 | Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

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