ES07G | zOS JCL and Utilities

ES07G | z/OS JCL and Utilities



This course is designed to teach you how to use z/OS job control language (JCL) and selected z/OS utility programs in an online batch environment. Both Storage Management Subsystem (SMS) and non-SMS JCL are discussed. Machine lab exercises complement the lecture material.


Learning Journeys that reference this course:

  • z/OS Systems Operator
  • z/OS Skills Accelerator



This basic course is intended for people who want to use z/OS JCL and utilities.



You should have:

  • Basic knowledge of IS technologies.

You should be familiar with:

  • z/OS concepts and how these systems supports the Enterprise Servers.
  • This knowledge can be obtained by attending course An Introduction to the z/OS Environment (ES05G).


Key topics

Introduction to JCL



Code basic JCL statements using proper syntax and coding rules, including JCL for:

  • Creating new data sets
  • Referencing existing data sets
  • Condition code testing
  • IF/THEN/ELSE/ENDIF constructs
  • Generation data groups
  • Output routing
  • JCL enhancements introduced by various releases of Multiple Virtual Storage (MVS), OS/390, and z/OS
  • Identify Storage Management Subsystem requirements
  • Code instream and cataloged procedures
  • Use symbolic parameters in procedures
  • Code procedure overrides and additions super
  • Use selected utility programs
  • Describe tape processing facilities
  • Code sort and merge control statements and associated JCL statements
  • Recognize and resolve common abnormal terminations (ABENDs)
  • People that viewed this course


  • Course Outline

Day 1


Introduction to JCL

JOB, EXEC, and DD Statements

DD Statement Parameters, A Second Look

Lab - Day 1


Day 2

Lab Review - Day 1

DD Statement Parameters, A Second Look

Introduction to Utilities and Conditional Execution

Data Management, Organization, and Format

Lab - Day 2


Day 3

Lab Review - Day 2

Data Management, Organization, and Format

Generation Data Groups


More About Utilities

Lab - Day 3


Day 4

Lab Review - Day 3

More About Utilities

More on Procedures

Selected JCL Topics


Lab - Day 4


Day 5

Lab Review - Day 4

Multi Volume and Tape Allocation


Optional Lab - Day 5

ES07G | zOS JCL and Utilities

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