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VCF43-MO | VMware Cloud Foundation: Planning, Management, Operations [V4.3]

VCF43-MO | VMware Cloud Foundation: Planning, Management, Operations [V4.3]


This five-day course includes instruction on the capabilities of VMware Cloud Foundation™ and how to successfully plan, deploy, manage, and operate hybrid and cloud infrastructures, including customization. The course explains the architecture of VMware Cloud Foundation and explains licensing, certificates, and storage and network management. The course also covers workload domains, availability, life cycle management, and troubleshooting.



Experienced system administrators, system integrators, and consultants responsible for implementing and managing VMware Cloud Foundation



This class requires system administration experience with vSphere deployments and completion of the following courses:

  • VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage
  • VMware NSX-T Data Center: Install, Configure, Manage
  • VMware vSAN: Management and Operations



By the end of the course, you should be able to meet the following objectives:

  • Describe design implications of VMware Cloud Foundation standard or consolidated architecture
  • List requirements for VMware Cloud Foundation deployment
  • Describe the VMware Cloud Foundation bring-up process and the VMware Cloud Foundation architecture
  • Perform VMware Cloud Foundation bring-up
  • Describe physical and virtual networking considerations
  • Outline VMware Cloud Foundation storage options
  • Use the VMware Imaging Appliance to image ESXi hosts
  • Describe VMware Cloud Foundation multi-instance federation
  • Use VMware Cloud Foundation™ SDDC Manager™ to perform operational tasks
  • Describe user roles in VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere®
  • Manage users and passwords using VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Manage certificate rotation for VMware Cloud Foundation components
  • Use Active Directory integration to automate certificate generation and rotation
  • Describe workload domains
  • Manage workload domains in VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Manage VMware NSX-T™ for VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Describe use cases for Application Virtual Networks (AVNs)
  • Meet vSphere with VMware Tanzu™ requirements
  • Deploy a vSphere with Tanzu enabled workload domain
  • Manage VMware vSAN™ storage in a workload domain
  • Create vSAN storage policies
  • Describe Cloud Native storage
  • Describe the importance of business continuity measures in VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Plan appropriate backup and restore workflows for VMware Cloud Foundation components
  • Implement stretched clusters in VMware Cloud Foundation workload domains



  • Module 1:  Course Introduction
  • Module 2:  VMware Cloud Foundation Overview
  • Module 3:  Day Zero Tasks
  • Module 4: Post Deployment Operations
  • Module 5: VMware Cloud Foundation License Management
  • Module 6: VMware Cloud Foundation Networking with NSX-T
  • Module 7: Managing Workload Domains
  • Module 8:  vSphere with Tanzu in VMware Could Foundation
  • Module 9: VMware Cloud Foundation Storage Management
  • Module 10: Availability and Business Continuity
  • Module 11: VMware Cloud Foundation Certificate Management
  • Module 12: VMware Cloud Foundation Life Cycle Management
  • Module 13: VMware Imaging Appliance
  • Module 14: VMware Cloud Foundation Multisite Instance Federation
  • Module 15: VMware Cloud Foundation Troubleshooting


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Debido a las constantes actualizaciones de los contenidos de los cursos por parte del fabricante, el contenido de este temario puede variar con respecto al publicado en el sitio oficial, sin embargo, Netec siempre entregará la versión actualizada de éste.

VCF43-MO | VMware Cloud Foundation: Planning, Management, Operations [V4.3]

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