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ORACLE ADMIN_WS | Oracle Database 19c Administration Workshop

ORACLE ADMIN_WS | Oracle Database 19c Administration Workshop


This course provides detailed information on the architecture of an Oracle Database instance and database, enabling you to effectively manage your database resources. You learn how to create database storage structures appropriate for the business applications supported by your database. In addition, you learn how to create users and administer database security to meet your business requirements. Basic information on backup and recovery techniques is presented in this course.

To provide an acceptable response time to users and manage resources effectively, you learn how to monitor your database and manage performance.


Benefits to you

  • Describe Oracle Database architecture
  • Configure the database to support your applications
  • Manage database security and implement auditing
  • Implement basic backup and recovery procedures
  • Move data between databases and files
  • Employ basic monitoring procedures and manage performance



Database Administrator


Course Outline

  • Module 1. Course Overview
  • Module 2. Introduction to Oracle Database
  • Module 3. Accessing an Oracle Database
  • Module 4. Creating an Oracle Database by Using DBCA
  • Module 5. Creating an Oracle Database by Using a SQL Command
  • Module 6. Starting Up and Shutting Down a Database Instance
  • Module 7. Managing Database Instances
  • Module 8. Oracle Net Service: Overview
  • Module 9. Configuring Naming Methods
  • Module 10. Configuring and Administering the Listener
  • Module 11. Configuring a Shared Server Architecture
  • Module 12. Configuring Oracle Connection Manager for Multiplexing and Access Control
  • Module 13. Creating PDBs from Seed
  • Module 14. Using Other Techniques to Create PDBs
  • Module 15. Managing PDBs
  • Module 16. Database Storage Overview
  • Module 17. Creating and Managing Tablespaces
  • Module 18. Improving Space Usage
  • Module 19. Managing Undo Data          
  • Module 20. Creating and Managing User Accounts
  • Module 21. Configuring Privilege and Roles Authorization
  • Module 22. Configuring User Resource Limits
  • Module 23. Implementing Oracle Database Auditing
  • Module 24. Introduction Loading and Transporting Data
  • Module 25. Loading Data
  • Module 26. Transporting Data
  • Module 27. Using External Tables to Load and Transport Data
  • Module 28. Automated Maintenance Tasks: Overview
  • Module 29. Automated Maintenance Tasks: Managing Tasks and Windows
  • Module 30. Database Monitoring and Performance Tuning Overview
  • Module 31. Monitoring Database Performance
  • Module 32. Analyzing SQL and Optimizing Access Paths


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ORACLE ADMIN_WS | Oracle Database 19c Administration Workshop

  • Duración 5 días
    Versión 19c
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    Este curso se encuentra disponible únicamente para México.

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