SSFS3G | IBM FlashSystem V9000 Storage Implementation

SSFS3G | IBM FlashSystem V9000 Storage Implementation



IBM FlashSystem V9000 is a comprehensive all-flash enterprise storage solution that delivers the full capabilities of IBM FlashCore technology. FlashSystem V9000 offers a rich set of storage virtualization features designed to improve efficiency, management, scalability and flexibility for any storage environments. FlashSystem V9000 delivers industry-leading value to enterprises along three dimensions: Scalable Performance, Enduring Economics, and Agile Integration.


This course focuses on the planning and implementation tasks associated with integrating the FlashSystem V9000 into the storage area network, and facilitate storage application data access independence from storage management functions and requirements.


It also explains how to:

  • Centralize storage provisioning to host servers from common storage pools using internal storage and SAN attached external heterogeneous storage.
  • Improve storage utilization effectiveness using Thin Provisioning and Real-Time Compression
  • Implement storage tiering and optimization of flash, enterprise or nealine systems usage with Easy Tier.
  • Facilitate the coexistence and migration of data from non-virtualization to the virtualized environment.
  • Utilize network-level storage subsystem-independent data replication services to satisfy backup and disaster recovery requirements.


Learning Journeys that reference this course:

  • Storage Systems



This lecture and exercise-based course is for individuals who are assessing and/or planning to deploy IBM System Storage networked storage virtualization solutions. Typical students may include:

  • Customers
  • Technical IBM personnel
  • Business Partner technical personnel
  • IT consultants and architects



  • An understanding of the basic concepts of open systems disk storage system and I/O operations - we recommend the following:
  • Foundations of Storage (SS00DG) or
  • Introduction to Storage (SS01G) and
  • IBM Flash Storage Fundamentals (SSFS1G / SSFS1WG)


Key topics

Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Unit 1: IBM FlashSystem V9000 Introduction
  • Unit 2: Emergence of flash storage
  • Unit 3: IBM FlashCore technology
  • Unit 4: IBM FlashSystem V9000 hardware architecture
  • Unit 5: FlashSystem V9000 installation and configuration
  • Unit 6: IBM Spectrum Virtualize RAID protection


Day 2

  • Unit 7: FlashSystem V9000 storage provisioning
  • Unit 8: IBM Spectrum Virtualize host integration
  • Unit 9: IBM Spectrum Virtualize volume allocation
  • Unit 10: IBM Spectrum Virtualize data reduction technologies
  • Unit 11: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Easy Tier


Day 3

  • Unit 12: IBM Spectrum Virtualize data migration
  • Unit 13: IBM Spectrum Virtualize FlashCopy and Consistency groups
  • Unit 14: IBM Spectrum Virtualize Transparent Cloud Tiering


Day 4

  • Unit 11: IBM Spectrum Virtualize remote data replication
  • Unit 16: IBM Spectrum Virtualize administration management
  • Class review and evaluation



After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Summarize the units associated with this course.
  • Recall the history and fundamentals for IBM FlashSystem storage.
  • Distinguish the core principles of the IBM FlashCore Technology.
  • Classify the characteristics and components of the IBM FlashSystem V9000 storage system.
  • Outline the physical and logical planning requirements to setup and configure a FlashSystem system environment.
  • Summarize the symmetric virtualization process converting IBM MicroLatency modules to storage resources.
  • Recall the process to create host access storage on the IBM FlashSystem V9000.
  • Determinate the advanced software features designed to simplify data management, improve data security, and preserve storage investments.
  • Interpret the process in which to migrate data to and from the virtualized FlashSystem V9000 system environment.
  • Recall the administrative functions and maintenance procedures to centralize the management and servicing of IBM FlashSystem V9000 storage resources.

SSFS3G | IBM FlashSystem V9000 Storage Implementation

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