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5GCSC | 5G Core Specialist CORE

5GCSC | 5G Core Specialist CORE


In this Specialist Core Bootcamp, you will learn all aspects related to 5G Core design, from SMF to NRF, PCF, and UCF.


Who should attend

Engineers that require further knowledge of the latest technologies apply to 5G Core design.



It is highly recommended to attend the 3-day 5G Core Associate Level and 2-day 5G Core Advanced Level.



  • New 5G Core enhancements
  • Service Binding and Routing Binding
  • Enhanced Service-Based Arch (eSBA)
  • UE Radio Capability Support (RACS)
  • Enhanced Network Slicing (eNS)
  • Slice Authentication
  • ATTS Access Traffic Steering, Switching and Splitting
  • New vertical enhancements
  • Enterprise (Private 5G)
  • Industrial (URLLC)
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence (5WWC)
  • 5G CIOT
  • 5G NSA Non-Standalone Architecture
  • Dual Connectivity Secondary Node Addition, Change, Release
  • Inter MeNB Handover
  • NSA call Flows
  • 5G NSA feature list and parameters
  • 5G Core Examples
  • 5G Core SMF
  • SMF Overview
  • SMF Architecture
  • SMF Features
  • 5G Core NRF
  • NRF Services
  • NRF Architecture
  • NRF Hierarchy
  • 5G Core PCF
  • PCF Overview
  • PCRF to PCF Usage Evolution
  • PCF Architecture
  • PCF Administration
  • PCF Networking & Call Flows
  • 5G Core UCF
  • UPF Overview
  • UPF Architecture
  • 5G Concepts for UPF
  • UPF Networking
  • UPF Redundancy
  • UPF Call Flows


Descargue el temario para conocer el detalle completo de los contenidos


Debido a las constantes actualizaciones de los contenidos de los cursos por parte del fabricante, el contenido de este temario puede variar con respecto al publicado en el sitio oficial, sin embargo, Netec siempre entregará la versión actualizada de éste

5GCSC | 5G Core Specialist CORE

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