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5GCADL | 5G Core Advanced Level

5GCADL | 5G Core Advanced Level


This 5G Core Advanced Level course will give you detailed knowledge of 5G Core topics including 5G NSA migrating to SA, SBA, vertical enhancements, and introduction to KPI.

Attendees will gain a strong understanding of the main 5G topics with enough detail to improve their daily work, from design to support 5G Core networks.


Who should attend

Engineers that require further detailed knowledge of 5G Technologies as a path forward after attending the associate level bootcamp.



It is highly recommended to attend the 3-day 5G Core Associate Level course.



  • 5G CORE
  • 5G Ran Deployment
  • New 5G Core Enhancements
  • New requirements and features
  • New vertical enhancements
  • 5G Service Based Architecture (SBA)


Descargue el temario para conocer el detalle completo de los contenidos


Debido a las constantes actualizaciones de los contenidos de los cursos por parte del fabricante, el contenido de este temario puede variar con respecto al publicado en el sitio oficial, sin embargo, Netec siempre entregará la versión actualizada de éste

5GCADL | 5G Core Advanced Level

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