55290A | Microsoft Project 2019


About this course    
This course is designed with the intention that the participant learn how to use this tool and use it to make a detailed planning of each project element, to be useful in the tasks tracking during execution, and focused on the facilities you have in the generation of reports and communications; monitor the completion of tasks, use of resources, and the total project cost.

Audience profile    
This course is intended for Project Managers, managers, schedulers and other project stakeholders who need learn how make planning, manage and control projects with MS Project 2016.


At course completion    
After completing this course, students will be able to:
•    Know how MS project 2016 help to project management professional discipline
•    Create a new project
•    Create and maintain project calendars
•    Create a custom fields, formula and Graphical indicators
•    Set Project Information
•    Understand the usefulness of manual and auto Scheduling
•    Create and know the EDT utility
•    Scheduling tasks, their duration and their logical interrelationships
•    Establish repetitive tasks
•    Manage multiple projects and create resources pool
•    Documenting and edit information resources
•    Assign tasks to resources
•    Resolving Over allocations
•    Allocate human resource, materials and know total project cost
•    Establish the cost and duration of the project
•    Establish and maintain baselines
•    Update and compare the project progress
•    Set data presentation by applying filters, groups, views, or tables
•    Set and display reports.


Módulo 1: Introduction to Project 2016
Módulo 2: MS Project 2016 Adjustment
Módulo 3: Auto mode and Manual mode

Módulo 4: Creating the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
Módulo 5: Documenting task and their interrelationships
Módulo 6: Define resources within project
Módulo 7: Estimates Work packages
Módulo 8: Creating the initial schedule
Módulo 9: Resource Leveling
Módulo 10: Managing the project
Módulo 11: Configure and print reports
Módulo 12: Managing multiple projects
Módulo 13: Advanced Topics

55290A | Microsoft Project 2019

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