SDWARK | SD-Access Workshop

SDWARK | SD-Access Workshop

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  • 1 day



Section 1: Identifying Cisco Digital Network Architecture Vision

  • The New Network
  • Cisco DNA Strategy


Section 2: Identifying Cisco Digital Network Architecture Solution Components

  • DNA Architecture Overview
  • Network Virtualization
  • Network Automation
  • Network Analytics
  • Network Cloud Services
  • Custom Network Programmability


Section 3: Identifying the Role of Automation and Orchestration Controllers in Cisco DNA

  • Role of the Automation Controller
  • Automation Controller Overview


Section 4: Pervasive Security

  • Attack Continuum
  • Building Security into the Network


Section 5: Introduction to NetFlow

  • What Is NetFlow?
  • Configuring Flexible NetFlow on Cisco Devices


Section 6: Introduction to Cisco Stealthwatch

  • Cisco (Lancope) StealthWatch System Overview
  • StealthWatch Components
  • Cisco StealthWatch Management Center Overview
  • Host Groups in the SMC
  • Verify Netflow Data Collection


Section 7: Introduction to Cisco ISE

  • Cisco ISE Overview
  • Cisco TrustSec Architecture
  • How TrustSec Works
  • Understanding SGTs and SGACLs


Section 8: Integrating Security Tools

  • Cisco StealthWatch and ISE Integration
  • Using ISE SGT in Cisco StealthWatch
  • Integrating StealthWatch with ISE
  • ISE Adaptive Network Control
  • Stealthwatch with ISE ANC Quarantine Flow


Section 9: Implementing Cisco Software-Defined Access in Campus Network

  • Role of Software-Defined Access in Cisco DNA
  • Need for Cisco SD-Access
  • Cisco SD-Access Fabric Overview
  • Cisco SD-Access Fabric Nodes
  • Cisco SD-Access Fabric Constructs
  • Cisco SD-Access Fabric Control Plane
  • Cisco SD-Access Fabric Data Plane
  • Cisco SD-Access Fabric Policy Plane
  • Cisco SD-Access External Connectivity
  • Cisco SD-Access Wireless
  • Cisco DNA Center Key Components and Architecture
  • Cisco DNA Center Design Application
  • Cisco DNA Center Policy Application
  • Cisco DNA Center Provisioning Application
  • Cisco DNA Center Assurance
  • Cisco SD-Access Platform Support


 Cisco 4D SD-Access v3 Lab Demo dCloud

  • Introduction
  • Topology
  • Get Started
  • Designing a Network
  • DNA Center and ISE Integration
  • IP Address Pools
  • Wireless SSIDs
  • Policy Application
  • Virtual Networks (VNs)
  • Policy Administration
  • Contracts
  • Provision Application
  • Building the Fabric
  • Control Plane and Border Nodes
  • Fabric Edge Nodes
  • Host Onboarding

SDWARK | SD-Access Workshop

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