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GKI-9701 | Cybersecurity Foundations

GKI-9701 | Cybersecurity Foundations


In this cybersecurity course, you will gain a global perspective of the challenges of designing a secure system, touching on all the cyber roles needed to provide a cohesive security solution. Through lecture, labs, and breakout discussion groups, you will learn about current threat trends across the Internet and their impact on organizational security. You will review standard cybersecurity terminology and compliance requirements, examine sample exploits, and gain hands-on experience mitigating controls. In a contained lab environment, you will work with live viruses, including botnets, worms, and Trojans.



  • Network professionals looking to advance their knowledge and explore cybersecurity as a career path
  • Executives and managers looking to increase their ability to communicate with security professionals and implement a robust security solution at the organizational level
  • Individuals wants to improve their understanding of cybersecurity fundamentals, including threats, mitigating controls, and organizational responsibilities



  • Increase your awareness of security
  • Interpret/analyze tool output for network mapping/footprinting
  • Reduce attack surface of systems
  • Review networking as it applies to security controls
  • Explore different data protection principles
  • Examine the role of PKI/certificates in building trusted relationships between devices in a network
  • Implement login security and other identity management solutions
  • Reduce attack surface of network devices
  • Explore current malware threats and anti-malware solutions
  • Explore social engineering threats, methods, and techniques
  • Examine software vulnerabilities and security solutions for reducing the risk of exploitation
  • Explain monitoring capabilities and requirements and how those may raise privacy concerns
  • Identify physical security controls and the relationship between physical and IT security
  • Explain incident response capabilities
  • Identify legal considerations and investigative techniques when it comes to cybersecurity
  • Research trends in cybersecurity



TCP/IP Networking or equivalent knowledge



  • 1. Cybersecurity Awareness
  • 2. Network Discovery
  • 3. Systems Hardening
  • 4. Security Architecture
  • 6. Public Key Infrastructure
  • 7. Identity Management
  • 8. Network Hardening
  • 9. Malware
  • 10. Social Engineering
  • 11. Software Security
  • 12. Environment Monitoring
  • 13. Physical Security
  • 14. Incident Response
  • 15. Legal Considerations
  • 16. Trends in Cybersecurity
  • 17. Course Look Around



  • Lab 1: Explore HR Security
  • Lab 2: Interpret Scanning Results
  • Lab 3: Harden Servers and Workstations
  • Lab:4 Security Architecture
  • Lab 5: Protect Data
  • Lab 6: Configure a PKI
  • Lab 7: Manage Passwords
  • Lab 8: Explore Hardening Recommendations and Known Vulnerabilities
  • Lab 9: Detect Malware
  • Lab 10: Social Engineering
  • Lab 11: Privilege Escalation
  • Lab 12: Monitor a System
  • Lab 13: Implement Physical Security
  • Lab 14: Incident Response
  • Lab 15: Review Legal Considerations


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GKI-9701 | Cybersecurity Foundations

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