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ECES | ECC Certified Encryption Specialist

ECES | ECC Certified Encryption Specialist


As the size and frequency of data breaches increasing over time, more and more organizations are rapidly recognizing that encryption is no longer an option. They are busy formulating comprehensive strategy and shifting their stance towards encryption technologies and rapidly deploying a range of technologies to defend and protect their sensitive data from internal and external threats. Increasingly, business users are influencing the adoption of encryption technologies more than IT operations teams.

Adoption of encryption in organizations are increasing at a rapid pace as are the urgency in the encryption implementation plans. The increasing rate of adoption is due to fast evolving regulations and necessity to protect sensitive data across enterprise networks, multiple devices and especially the increasing move to storing data on a cloud.

If you think that there is only one type of encryption – think again!

Encryption considerations differ for technologies namely – database encryption, VoIP encryption, portable storage encryption, mobile devices encryption, Wi-Fi encryption, e-mail encryption, file encryption, network link encryption, web server encryption, tape backup encryption and many more.



No prior knowledge of cryptography is assumed, and no mathematical skills beyond basic algebra are required.


Target audience

  • Penetration Testers and Computer Forensics Specialists.
  • Cloud Security architects, designers, and developers.
  • Anyone involved in selecting and implementing VPNs or digital certificates, Information Security Operations.
  • Anyone involved in developing Operating Systems, Cryptography Systems, Blockchain based solutions, etc.


What you will learn?

  • Types of encryption standards and their differences.
  • How to select the best standard for your organization?
  • How to enhance your pen-testing knowledge in encryption?
  • Correct and incorrect deployment of encryption technologies.
  • Common mistakes made in implementing encryption technologies.
  • Best practices when implementing encryption technologies.



The student will:

  • Develop skills to protect critical data in organizations with encryption.
  • Develop a deep understanding of essential cryptography algorithms and their applications.
  • Make informed decisions about applying encryption technologies.
  • Save time and cost by avoiding common mistakes in mplementing encryption technologies effectively.
  • Develop working knowledge of cryptanalysis


Outline course

Module 01: Module 01: Introduction and History of Cryptography

Module 02: Symmetric Cryptography and Hashes

Module 03: Number Theory and Asymmetric Cryptography

Module 04: Applications of Cryptography

Module 05: Cryptanalysis


Descargue el temario para conocer el detalle completo de los contenidos.


Debido a las constantes actualizaciones de los contenidos de los cursos por parte del fabricante, el contenido de este temario puede variar con respecto al publicado en el sitio oficial, sin embargo, Netec siempre entregará la versión actualizada de éste.

ECES | ECC Certified Encryption Specialist

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