This course provides an overview of the Oracle Database 18c new features and enhancements related to Multitenant architecture, security, RMAN, general database areas, performance, data warehousing and Sharding.

Course objectives    
•    Use new features of the Multitenant architecture
•    Understand and benefit from new features of the Database Security
•    Benefit from new features of RMAN
•    Use new features of General Database
•    Configure and use new features in Performance
•    Manipulate new features of the Data Warehousing
•    Understand enhancements in Sharding


Learn to    
•    Use new features like Application PDB Fleet and PDB snapshots carousel of the Multitenant architecture.
•    Understand new features like PDB keystores and encryption of sensitive data in Database Replay files of the Security.
•    Benefit from new features like reuse of preplugin backups and duplication of active PDBs into an existing CDB of RMAN.
•    Use new features like private temporary tables and online modification of partitioning and subpartitioning strategy of General Database.
•    Configure and use new features like Automatic In-Memory Management in Performance.
•    Manipulate new features like inline external tables and polymorphic table functions of the Data Warehousing.
•    Understand enhancements like user-defined sharding method and support for PDBs as shards in Sharding.


•    Database Administrators
•    Database Developers

Related Training    
-Suggested Prerequisite

  • Oracle Database 12c R2: New Features for Administrators Part 1 Ed 1
  • Oracle Database 12c R2: New Features for Administrators Part 2 Ed 1
  • Oracle Database 12c R2: High Availability New Features Ed 1

-Required Prerequisite

  • Knowledge of Oracle Database 11g R2 and 12c



1.    Leveraging Multitenant Enhancements
•    Manage application PDBs fleet
•    Manage PDB snapshots carousel
•    Benefit from dynamic container map
•    Understand lockdown profile inheritance and create and use static and dynamic lockdown profiles
•    Use refreshable copy PDB switchover
2.    Managing Security
•    Create and use a schema only account
•    Isolate PDB keystores
•    Export and import database links
•    Configure encryption of sensitive data in Database Replay files
•    Explain direct Active Directory Services integration
3.    Using RMAN Enhancements
•    Reuse preplugin backups before and after a non-CDB conversion as a PDB or a PDB migration to another CDB
•    Clone active PDB into another CDB using DUPLICATE and duplicate an on-premises CDB to Cloud as encrypted

4.    Applying General Database Enhancements
•    Manage private temporary tables
•    Use the new Data Pump Import option of the DATA_OPTIONS parameter
•    Online modification of partitioning and subpartitioning strategy
•    Merging of partitions and subpartitions online
•    Generate batched DDL by using DBMS_METADATA_DIFF package
5.    Improving Performance
•    Configure Automatic In-Memory
•    Use IMEs window capture
•    Describe the new SQL Tuning Set package
•    Describe the concurrency of SQL execution of SQL Performance Analyzer tasks and Result Set Validation
6.    Handling Enhancements in Big Data and Data Warehousing
•    Query inlined external tables and manage in-memory external tables
•    Use analytic view new query capabilities
•    Create and use polymorphic table functions
7.    Describing Sharding Enhancements
•    Describe the user-defined sharding method
•    Understand support for PDBs as shards
•    Describe Oracle GoldenGate enhancements for Oracle Sharding support
•    Query system objects across shards
•    Describe improved multi-shard query enhancements

D101882 | Oracle Database 18c: New Features for Administrators Ed 1

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