WEBEXINT | Webex Introduction


Duration: 1 Day


Module 1: Cisco Cloud Solutions—WebEx and Spark

Lesson 1: Introducing Cisco WebEx and Cisco Spark Cloud Solutions

  • Cisco Cloud Solutions
  • Cisco WebEx plattforms
  • Cisco Spark Components

Lesson 2: Exploring Cisco Spark Administration Configuration

  • Cisco Spark Administration Interface
  • Common Enterprise Configurations

Lesson 3: Deploying Cisco Spark Hybrid Services

  • Deploying Cisco Spark Hybrid Services
  • Deploying a Directory Connector for Cisco Spark Hybrid
  • Deploying an Expressway-C Connector for Cisco Spark Hybrid
  • Deploying a Calendar Connector for Cisco Spark Hybrid
  • Deploying a Call Connector for Cisco Spark Hybrid

Lesson 4: Exploring Cisco Spark APIs and BOTs Configuration

  • APIs and SDKs in Cisco Spark Enviroments
  • Cisco Spark oAuth Flow
  • Tropo and Cisco Spark
  • Bots and Cisco Spark


Guided Lab Demo 1: Basic Webex Teams App Operations

  • Create an Account
  • Create a space for a group conversation
  • Send a message
  • Create a team to organize group conversations
  • Invite people to converse privately
  • Make a video call
  • Share photos and files
  • Add special formatting to messages
  • Get someone’s attention in a message
  • Flag content to find it later


Guided DevNet Demo 1: Building Python Requests to Read and Create Webex Teams API Items


Build GET/POST calls using Python to automate room and message creation.

  • Step 1. Calling REST APIs from Python
  • Step 2. Write a REST GET Request in Python
  • Step 3.  Write a REST POST Request in Python


Guided DevNet Demo 2: Exploring the 'ciscosparkapi' Webex Teams Python Library


  • Install the ciscosparkapi package onto your local machine
  • Experiment with ciscosparkapi from the Python interactive interpreter shell
  • Write a Python script that automatically creates a new room, adds a user, and posts a message using the ciscosparkapi library


  • Step 1. Exploring the ciscosparkapi Python Library
  • Step 2. Using the Python Interactive Shell
  • Step 3. More ciscosparkapi Concepts


Guided DevNet Demo 3: Run a Webex Teams Bot Locally


Create a bot account, launch a Python script configured with a custom Webex Teams bot account, exposed the bot to the internet via ngrok, created webhooks to start receiving notifications from Webex Teams and test the Bot.

  • Step 1: Create a bot account
  • Step 2: Run a bot on your local PC
  • Step 3: Expose your bot to the internet
  • Step 4: Creating Webex Teams event webhooks
  • Step 5: Test your Webex Teams bot


Guided Lab Demo 2: Cisco Webex Control Hub Analytics and Troubleshooting v2

Scenario 1: Reporting and Analytics for Cisco Webex

  • Meetings
  • Messaging
  • Calling
  • Devices – Room Devices
  • Troubleshooting Meetings
  • Hybrid Services – Video Mesh


WEBEXINT | Webex Introduction

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