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CCISO | Certified Chief Information Security Officer

CCISO | Certified Chief Information Security Officer


The globally renowned Chief Certified Information Security Officer (C|CISO) program, spearheaded by EC-Council, has truly revolutionized the capabilities of senior information security professionals worldwide. With unwavering dedication, ECCouncil harnessed the collective wisdom of a select group of esteemed senior information security executives within our esteemed C|CISO Advisory Board. This exceptional panel of seasoned professionals meticulously crafted the program’s bedrock, delineating the comprehensive content encapsulated in the C|CISO exam, the body of knowledge, and the training program. Through their invaluable expertise, EC-Council has empowered countless CISOs to excel in the realm of information security.

Members of the Board contributed as authors, exam writers, and instructors. They also provided continuous quality assurance through periodic materials reviews. Each segment of the C|CISO Program was developed in order to move a security. 

Through the C|CISO program, EC-Council will transfer the knowledge of seasoned professionals to you, the next generation of leadership, by focusing on the most critical competencias required to develop and maintain a successful information security portfolio. The C|CISO program is a first-ofits-kind training and certification course that aims to produce cybersecurity executives of the highest caliber and ethics. The C|CISO curriculum—developed by seasoned CISOs for current and aspiring CISOs—takes an executive management viewpoint that incorporates both information security management principles and general technical knowledge.

Professional experience is required for entry into this certification program. Candidates must meet the basic C|CISO requirements in order to take the certification examination. 


Who Needs the C|CISO Program?

The C|CISO certification is designed for information security professionals who want to advance their careers as a CISO or other executive-level security career path. In the C|CISO program, cybersecurity leaders hone their knowledge and learn how to integrate information security initiatives with needs of the business, aligning to the critical goals and objectives of an organization. Existing CISOs are also encouraged to participate in this program to strengthen their security program knowledge, understand current technology principles, and sharpen their business acumen.


Job roles

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Managing director
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Chief of information Security
  • Vice President of Information Security
  • Associate vice president
  • Information Security Officer
  • Chief Compliance Officer
  • Regional Chief Information O