6699 | Build a Business Transformation Vision with Google Cloud Platform


Course Overview
If you’re wondering about the hype surrounding the cloud or want to know what it can do for your enterprise—without the technical jargon—this course is for you.
Learn what Google Cloud technology makes possible through three distinct lenses: technology, economics, and security. A fourth lens helps you rethink optimization by leading a people-first culture of innovation. While working in groups, explore machine learning use cases to define a concrete transformation vision for your business. This vision will take into account all cloud adoption phases so that you can mobilize your teams to work in tandem toward business acceleration while reducing costs.


Who should attend

  • Traditional enterprise business decision-makers
  • Anyone leading Product, Operations, Finance, People Management, Sales, Marketing, and Client Management interested in learning how cloud, specifically Google Cloud Platform, can support their business transformation.

What You'll Learn
This course teaches participants the following skills:

  • Differentiate Google Cloud from traditional technology through financial and IT lenses.
  • Describe the top ways Google Cloud Platform (GCP) innovatively reduces costs and creates value using examples.
  • Describe the requirements to successfully lead a people-first culture of innovation.
  • Describe Google’s multi-layer measures to ensure customer data is secure, private, and compliant per government or industry regulations.
  • Build a business transformation vision using Google Cloud capabilities to optimize your technology, economics, innovation culture, and data security.


  • Module 1: Then and Now
  • Module 2: Creating Business Value
  • Module 3: Secure and Compliant
  • Module 4: Culture of Innovation

6699 | Build a Business Transformation Vision with Google Cloud Platform

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