5G-4463 | Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization

5G-4463 | Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization 


About this course 

In this course, you will learn about software-defined networking (SDN) architecture and the essential protocols related to SDN implementations. This course thoroughly explains what SDN is, how it works, and then does a deep dive into the SDN protocols themselves. SDN can manage and control physical network elements as well as Network Function Virtualization (NFV), allowing network professionals to deploy and maintain a clean integration between cloud environments and the physical network itself. 

We are often asked what the network looks like when it enters the cloud. This is why the study of NFV is a natural progression, so we combined SDN and NFV in one course. This course will clarify what happens at the cloud boundary and then look into the virtual network within the cloud. If you are a networking professional and you look at what is going on inside the cloud, you’ll realize you can take those concepts and implement them outside the cloud. The networking control layer will change radically with SDN, and we’ll show that the change is both amazing and powerful. 

In this course, you will build, configure, and deploy the most popular network functions, routing, bridging, and OpenFlow switches along with requisite protocols. You’ll integrate the components with an emulated physical environment and perform verification testing. The cloud environment will be represented with a deep dive into OpenStack Neutron and Neutron-compute. 


Audience profile 

This course is intended for: 

  • System Engineers, Network Engineers and Architects 



Before attending this course, you should have: 

  • Written basic Python scripts 
  • Basic understanding of Linux 


What you’ll learn 

Join an engaging hands-on learning environment, where you’ll learn: 

  • SDN foundations 
  • NFV foundations 
  • OpenFlow components and processes 
  • Open vSwitch (OVS) components and processes 
  • NETCONF protocol and YANG modeling language 
  • OpFlex protocol 
  • Service Abstraction Layers 
  • Overlay and Underlay networks 
  • Neutron Networking 
  • OpenDaylight SDN Controller 
  • Open Network Operating System (ONOS) SDN controller 
  • Securing your SDN 



SDN Introduction 

NFV Practical Application 


NFV Commands 


Open vSwitch 

OpenFlow Controller 



Introduction to OpenDaylight 




Overlays and Underlays 

OpenStack Neutron Networking 

Writing an Application Using OpenDaylight 

ONOS Controller 

Securing SDN 



5G-4463 | Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization

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