5G-3278 | VoLTE and the IMS

5G-3278 | VoLTE and the IMS 

About this course 

In this course, you will learn about VoLTE, IMS, and the SIP protocol. This class thoroughly covers call flow through the EU-TRAN, the EPC, and into the IMS core. We will back up all that we teach with call flows and live labs using an IMS platform. This course also covers enough of other technologies like Diameter and DNS, providing you with a clear understanding of the complete picture. The lessons in this course are clear, very technical, and always practical, and since much of it is hands-on, you can investigate and reinforce the knowledge you've acquired from each lesson. 


Audience profile 

This course is intended for: 

  • Individuals who need to understand how LTE networks carry voice and other real time services 
  • Anyone who works on a narrow part of 4G networks that needs to understand what the surrounding components do 


What you’ll learn 

  • IMS architecture 
  • IMS and the DNS 
  • IMS access using VoLTE 



1. IMS Architecture and SIP Proxies 

2. IMS Identifiers

3. SIP Architecture

4. SIP Via Paths

5. SIP Route Headers

6. IMS Service Path


8. Initial Filter Criteria

9. Basic SIP and IMS Specific Headers

10. Session Description Protocol (SDP)

11. QoS, Real Time Media, and RTP

12. Presence

13. Charging and New Services within the IMS

14. IMS Call Flow Examples

15. IMS and the DNS

16. SIP Timers

17. IMS Access Using VoLTE

18. User Equipment and Radio Frequency


20. The UE Power Up Process

21. The LTE Attach, GTP, APNs, and Default Bearers

22. Downlink and Uplink Behavior

23. Idle Mode Within and Beyond the UE

24. Tracking and Paging a UE

25. Handover Between eNodeBs



5G-3278 | VoLTE and the IMS

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