5G-100414| 5G Essentials

5G-100414| 5G Essentials  


About this course 

5G is the next-generation of mobile networks beyond the 4G LTE mobile networks existing today. The vision of 5G is becoming clearer and most experts say 5G will feature network speeds that are blazingly fast at 20 Gbps or higher and have low latency at mere milliseconds. The entire 5G approach takes advantage of containers, virtualization, SDN and NFV. 

Mobile telephony has been around for a while. It is very possible that people entering this industry may lack sufficient grounding in how we got to where we are now. Many of the new standards predicate knowledge of previous architectures, greatly raising the barrier of entry for anyone new that is trying to enter the world of 5G. We start this course by reviewing how we got here and where 5G is taking us. 


Audience profile 

This course is intended for: 

  • Anyone who works needs a high level overview of complete 5G rollout, Management, Planners and Project Managers 


What you’ll learn 

Day One, this course covers just enough of the basics to understand how mobile telephony has changed over the past 27 years and where it is today. Students will cover the architectures of 2G to 4G networks, and 4G to 5G, learning why each new generation was needed, what changed, and what remained with each new generation. 

Days two and three will cover in detail, the design motivation and underlying technology of 5G service-based architecture as well as new vocabulary terms. We will cover enough about 5G radio to understand the differences between 4G and 5G, and finally, take a look at the 5G core in action. Sample message flows of typical 5G processes are covered message by message. The goal is to clearly see how 5G accomplishes its goals by observing how it actually works. 



  • VoLTE and the IMS 
  • Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization 




  • Introduction 
  • New Radio 
  • 5G EN-DC Core Architecture 
  • 5G EN-DC Radio Access Network Architecture 
  • IMS Integration 
  • 5G Stand Alone (SA) 
  • 5G Stacks 
  • 5G Mobility management 
  • 5G Infrastructure 
  • The 5G Slice 
  • Using Unlicensed Spectrum 
  • US Unlicensed Spectrum in the Mid-band 
  • Multi-Operator Core Networks (MOCN) 
  • Multi-Access Edge Computing 
  • EU and PDU Session State 
  • 5G Flow Diagrams 

5G-100414| 5G Essentials

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