No hands on lab environment for the TOD course format.

This Oracle Session Border Controller (SBC) Configuration and Administration training course is designed for enterprise or service provider network professionals involved in SIP session delivery and control. Although the course describes all currently available hardware platforms, all the concepts and operations are presented in a platform independent way. In a similar manner, the course is software-release independent as well.

Through in-depth discussions and hands-on exercises the course covers the Session Initiation Protocol, the benefits gained and the issues resolved by using Session Border Controllers, SBC principles, configuration concepts, configuration workflow, peering and access deployments, routine operations and more.

Course objectives    
•    Plan and create common configurations
•    Test basic functionality
•    Perform routine operations (system access, configuration, management, backup/restore)
•    Discuss the Session Border Controller’s need, features, benefits, architecture, operation, deployment models (Peering & Access-Backbone), configuration and other operations

Learn to    
•    Plan SBC integration with customer’s network.
•    Plan and create common configurations.
•    Perform routine operations (system access, configuration, management, backup/restore).
•    Test basic functionality.


•    Administrator
•    Implementer
•    Manager
•    Network Administrator
•    System Integrator


1.    Hardware Platforms
•    Oracle Acme Packet Platforms Overview
•    Oracle Acme Packet Platforms - Service Provider Market
•    Oracle Acme Packet Platforms - Enterprise Market
•    Design Concepts Common To All Platforms
2.    Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Essentials
•    General SIP Information
•    Elements of SIP
•    Basic Call Flow
•    Using SIP Proxies
•    More about calls, messages, header fields and proxies
•    Stateless and Stateful Proxies
•    Back-to-Back User Agents (B2BUA)
3.    Intoduction to Session Border Controllers
•    Session Border Controllers
•    Software and Services
4.    Initial Configuration
•    SBC Access and ACLI Navigation
•    Configuration Elements
•    Configuration Workflow
•    Configuration Backup/Restore
•    Common Operations
•    The Initial Configuration
5.    Provisioning interfaces
•    Physical and Network Interfaces
•    Physical Interfaces Provisioning
•    Network Interface Provisioning
•    Additional Points
6.    Session Border Controller Concepts
•    Realms and Realm Bridging
•    SIP Interfaces
•    SBC Media Services
•    Routing and Translation
•    Session Agents
•    Header Manipulation Rules (HMRs)
7.    Peering Environment Configuration
•    Peering PBRB Model
•    Peering PBRB with HMR
•    SIP Peering Access Control
8.    Access-Backbone Environment Configuration
•    Access-Backbone in General
•    Registration Caching
•    SIP Hosted NAT Traversal
•    Media Latching
•    Access PBRB Model
•    Access Control in Access-Backbone Deployments
9.    Transcoding Configuration
•    Trancoding in General
•    Configuring Transcoding Policies
10.    Configuring SBC High Availability
•    High-Availability Overview
•    Cluster operation concepts
•    Configuring the Primary Node
•    Preparing the Secondary Node
•    High-Availability Cluster Operations

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